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Windows NT 4.0 08.21.2008
Windows 98 03.22.2010
Windows ME 11.20.2003
Windows 2000 03.22.2010
Windows XP 09.05.2010
Windows XP x64 09.05.2010
Windows Server 2003 03.22.2010
Windows Server 2003 x64 03.22.2010
Windows Vista 09.05.2010
Windows Vista x64 03.22.2010
Windows 7 09.05.2010
Windows 7 x64 09.05.2010

We haven't got the latest driver ( for your operation system (Windows 7). You can download version 6.0.6000.114 (released 5 years ago):

Or choose another OS:

You can also try searching for the latest driver ( for Windows 7 in Google. If you know the download link for the latest driver for Windows 7, please register and submit it to help other users.


NVIDIA nForce PCI System Management is developed by NVIDIA and is used by 601055 users of Software Informer.
The most later version of this driver among our users is The product will soon be reviewed by our informers.

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Guest #25725871(beginner) 2 years ago 
I have the latest driver already installed, but software informer continues to tell me that it is in need of update. The version update recommended is actually for the RAID controller, but not for system management.
Guest #18076948(beginner) 3 years ago 
Seems that there is no further update for Vista, so is last driver for this OS...
Guest #20355796(beginner) 3 years ago 
Guest #18076948,

The only Vista opsys that Microsoft is no longer supporting, is the original Vista; at least MS is kind enough to provide the Service Packs as downloads, which makes your original Vista a supportable Vista SP1 and up. Having switched from Vista Ultimate 64-bit to Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, I can advise without hesitation that the new version is much more stable, versatile, powerful and faster. The new Win7 is not merely an updated Vista, although there are many of its features that are the same, but overall worth making the upgrade. I recommend a minimum of 8GBs of memory, though, at the VERY least. And you should make sure that your system is up-to-date (e.g., mobo, memory, cpu, graphics card, audio card and a minimum of a 1200W power supply, plus lots of SATA HDD storage that is dirt cheap for a 2TB drive) to ensure the opsys won't be dragged down by an old system with old components; check your performance score and it should be 5.9, plus you can run a pre-upgrade compatibility test from MS. Good luck!!
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